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Project glParchis

Opensource Parchís game. It has GPL license. It has been developed for Linux and Windows. It is a Beta version. If your find some bug, please tell me or write in the forum

I changed the development language from C++ to python. It uses PyQt and opengl since 20120902 version

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You can check game statistics in this link

You can check project historical statistics or last 12 months statistics at Sourceforge.


glParchis Project. Version 20170726
2017-07-26 05:30
New version with the following changes:
  • Added delay between movements as a settings option
  • Added difficult level as a settings option
  • Added board zoom with keys + and -
  • Installation statistics added to the game
  • Windows distribution file has been upgraded to a msi file. PLEASE UNINSTALL THE OLD GLPARCHIS BEFORE INSTALLING THE NEW ONE
glParchis Project. Version 20160812
2016-08-12 18:30
I released a new version of the project:

This is the changelog:

  • Fullscreen state is saved in settings file
  • Added statistics system in Sourceforge database
  • Added option to do not contribute to world statistics
glParchis Project. Version 20160801
2016-08-01 19:00
New version with the following changes:
  • Splitter game configuration is saved with fullscreen and normal data
glParchis Project. Version 20160623
2016-06-23 09:00
I released a new version of the project:

This is the changelog:

  • project_i18n script added to translate project documentation
  • Board rotates pressing m key
  • Improved performance
  • Fullscreen icon error fixed
glParchis Project. Version 20160325
2016-03-25 12:00
After two years, I have released a new version of glParchis with the following changes:
  • Sound configuration is saved now in settings
  • Makefile have been changed to compile with make and to install with make install
  • Windows sources are not going to be released
  • 32 bits and 64 bits windows versions are going to be released
  • Phonon support have been droped. Now we use QMultimedia
  • We have migrated to PyQt5
  • We have added full screen support

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In this section you can see different program versions and its subversion release.

Date and time Program version Subversion release Source code Binary
2017-07-26 05:30
Version 20170726
2016-08-12 18:30
Version 20160812
2016-08-01 19:00
Version 20160801
2016-06-23 00:00
Version 20160623
2016-03-25 12:00
Version 20160325

If you use Gentoo, you can use this ebuild.

Source code

You can download source code from subversion at Sourceforge.